Migrating Toward Happiness - Tara O'Grady

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If you have ever wondered “What is the purpose of my life?” then this book is for you. Want to find out what’s on the other side of the rainbow? Put your red shoes on and join Tara O’Grady and her spirit guides as they escort you on a magical and melodious tour down the Yellow Brick Road. Utterly single, recently laid off, and lamenting a city that is consuming her spirit, this native New Yorker begins to not only notice but understand the road signs that the universe is laying out before her as she awakens to its mysteries. Guided to take a symbolic journey replicating her Irish immigrant grandmother’s 1957 American road trip in a Chevy Bel Air, Tara begins her path to a spiritual awakening, soundtrack included. It is a road trip like no other.

Let Tara show you how to reconnect to a life beyond the cubicle and follow your intuition to fulfill your heart’s desire.

Prepare to get happy!