Lemon Scented 70% Alcohol Hand Sanitizer Spray by Inglenook Marketplace, 4 oz

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Why choose our misting hand sanitizer, over traditional gel? With our 4 oz spray bottle, you will generally get around 1000 sprays! That's a HUGE savings.


With the added aloe vera and essential oils, your hands will feel soft after each use, not dry like traditional alcohol-based hand sanitizers. 


Easy to use while on-the-go. Not only is it great to use on your hands, but you can also spray your credit cards, your steering wheel, and door handles!


This hand sanitizer is made with plant based ethanol and specially denatured with a mild lavender scent. Due to the plant-based nature of the ethanol, it will smell slightly different than many commercial hand sanitizers which use synthetic alcohol.  

Shake well before use.

Flammable (fragrance mixed w/ alcohol).

Avoid direct contact with clothing or fabrics, as oil may leave a residue.

External Use Only.

May Cause Eye Irritation.

Keep Away From Children.